Sunday, December 11, 2011

Right Now

Saw this on a couple of other blogs and thought it was cute, at least a way for me to remember what I was thinking years to come because I just know I am suffering from early onset Althiemers!!  Or... maybe it is just from having two small boys and my mind is always going a hundred miles an hour!

right now i am…
watching:  House Hunters International - wishing I was buying a vacation home someplace warm!
eating:  the boys left over chicken nuggets and mac & cheese
drinking:  iced cap from Tim Hortons
wearing: black sweats, red long sleeved shirt with a Hard Rock sweatshirt over it
avoiding:  checking my email to see what tomorrow might hold at work
feeling:  tired but happy, it was a good weekend.  Had a Xmas party yesterday and today we CLEANED the basement and made it much nicer for us and the boys to hang out in.
missing:  Florida and warm weather.
thankful:  for my life and my boys.  They are the best!
weather:  20 degrees or so.  WAY to cold for me!
praying:  a little boy at Morgan Elementary that has leukemia
needing:  an extra 3 hours in the day along with the energy to go with it, to either wrap Xmas presents or make all those Lego tables!
thinking: I'm not ready to go back to work tomorrow (Mondays are so hard)
loving:  iced caps from Tim Hortons (truly addicted), our Christmas tree this year, the words "I love you mom" from Christian at least 100 x a day when I'm home, watching Nic play football outside just like his daddy did and my fabulous husband!

Life is good!

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