Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How to build a Lego table

I've been wanting to buy a lego table for awhile now but they are just too expensive.  I thought I could definitely make one for so much cheaper.  Before I even googled how to make one, I came across on Craigslist a table for sale for $6.  It looked like the right size, so I contacted the lady and bought 5 of them from her (she had 12 for sale)!

Then I came home, googled how to make a Lego table and laughed because the 5 tables I bought, were the Ikea Lack tables!!  Just what I wanted!  Who would have thought!

Anyway, I waited to the very last minute to make these as Christmas gifts for my 2 boys.  It was super easy and I wish I would have gotten a little more creative, but again, I was down to the wire.

So this is what I did - super easy!

Take 4 Lego baseplates and line them up, 2x2.  I attached Lego's to keep all the plates together, this way they would all line up properly.  I took my Super Spray adhesive and sprayed the table with a good dose of adhesive and then very carefully placed the baseplates on the table.  I let them sit for a couple of hours to make sure it was dry and then took some Goof Off and rubbed it around the sides to get any excess adhesive off the top so it wasn't sticky.  And viola!  Here it is... super easy and quick and only cost me a total of $26 (base plates and table - I had the spray adhesive already). 

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