Thursday, October 27, 2011

A little bit of Christian

I have a 3 year old.  Not just your typical 3 year old, but a really funny, comedic 3 year old!  He will do anything to make you laugh.  Today I was working from home and set up shop in bed (I like to do that once in awhile).  Out of the blue he comes running into the bedroom and says "mom, hurry, I have to go poop".  So I rush him to the potty, he sits down and says "whew mom, that was close, it was almost hitting my pants".  And then he goes on to say "mom, me is really bloated today".  :)  Really??

Then my babe is playing his DS next to me and my stomach starts to growl.  He says "mom, is that your tummy growling", I said it was and he replies "well maybe I should go make you a snack, your belly is annoying me".

Ahhhh to be 3 again!  He really does make us laugh.  He is our true rocker, he just loves rock & roll!  Look what he got for his 3rd birthday a couple weeks ago!  Yep, 3 sets of ear plugs will be needed (for mom, dad and big brother)!

Happy Thursday!

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